What is it?

Any of the systems that we offer can be utilized in commercial/industrial settings, our products are CFIA approved and meet or exceed the standards of the medical and food industry. 

Popular applications:

Medical facilities, food & beverage processing, airports, warehouses, retail spaces, sport facilities, leisure centers, manufacturing facilities, hotels, outdoor surfaces (balconies, sidewalks, ect.) the list goes on and on!

*If you have a unique idea or a "one of a kind" project please don't hesitate to call. We have a coating for you!! 


Our process:

  1. Like any other coating preparation is key (diamond           grind, shot blast, treat cracks and deterioration)

  2. Apply coatings (depending upon chosen system)

  3. Stand back and admire!



Most of our system are virtually maintenance free, with that being said it completely depends on what system is chosen and where it's installed.



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